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Hi, my name is Shaguna

I just really love Radio 1.

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I’m probably just really slow BUT nicksclique was telling me about how RJ’s comment on Nick’s IG pic today meant that he knew Nick’s birthday AND THEN I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD what he meant by “you in a couple weeks” BECAUSE NICK IS GONNA BE 30 IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS and those two idiots love making fun of each other about their ages.

The real question is RJ gonna attend Nick’s birthday celebrations??? CAUSE THAT IS SOMETHING I NEED.


Hey, so I think that this shirt: 



Might actually be this shirt: 


Harry’s pic is grainy and the lighting is obviously way different but look at the chest of Harry’s shirt in the second pic. Maybe? (Nick pic is from the last time Harry was home btw.)

UPDATE: I think this is the same shirt (considering the source x), it just looks tighter because he’s stretching his arms forward and it is indeed dark blue. 


(via nickgrimshawxx)